Direction and performing:
Raffaella Menchetti,
Clara Cirera
Dramaturgy and supevision:
Sara Serrano
Michelangelo Coltelli director of the online newspaper about fact checking
RealFake is
  • An illusion that starts from reality
  • Looking for the limit between reality and fiction in the exploitation of news
  • The relationship between language and media manipulation
  • The transformation of the relationship between education and learning/learning methods
    A reflection on the manipulation of collective memory through the legitimacy of the media

RealFake is an interdisciplinary project which dramaturgy uses performative and audio/video languages to talk about reality against fiction and media-information manipulation.

This project was born in 2016 and was inspired by the idea of ​​Andrea Kunkl with the
collaboration of Raffaella Menchetti, the project was about “Fake interview” in the street, in Milan and Rome. Andrea and Raffaella interviewed several persons in the street, targeting the issues of the news and manipulating them to see the reaction and the opinion of the people casually met on the street.
The result was surprising, the interviews made with a camera gave full legitimacy to the false information (up to the limits of the absurd).

After this study Raffaella Menchetti, Clara Cirera and Sara Serrano decided to
continue this research and reflection on the “artifice of the Reality“.
Through residences of performative and participatory research, an installation-performance device will be created, with the aim of showing live
the manipulative artifice of the media. It´s surprising how interviewing with a
camera give complete legitimacy to the false information. RealFake group decided to investigate on the "artifice of the Reality" within the possibilities of this “legitimation”.

Live your life in real time … live and suffer directly on the screen. Think in real time …your thinking is immediately encoded by the computer. Make your revolution in real time – not in the street, but in the recording studio. Live your love passion in real time … with the embedded video for as long as it takes place. Penetrate your body in real time … video endoscopy, the flow of your blood, your bowels, as if you were there.

J. Baudrillard

Previously Artistic residence and performance:
  • LA PODEROSA, August 2017, Barcelona,  Spain
  • FESTIVAL CONTAMINAZIONI DIGITALI and Teatro di sperimentazione Stabile Friuli Venezia Giulia CSS (UD), October 2017, Italy
  • Theater LEAL.LAV, November 2017, La Laguna, Tenerife, 
  • FESTIVAL CONTAMINAZIONI DIGITALI and Invisiblecities, June 2018, Cormons,  Italy
  • MEDIAESTRUCH, November 2018, Sabadell,  Spain
  • ALTOFEST international live arts festival, July 19, Napoli, Italy
  • MEDIAESTRUCH, December 2019, Sabadell, Spain

During the residence and the RealFake workshop development we will:

  • Work with interviews (construction / de / construction), video, pictures and with the local people and in some cases refugees people
  • Analyse the structure of inner rules of this group – explicitly or implicitly imposed
  • Research on social models or labels, re / de / program
  • Analyse the manipulation of the individual and the group through speech, image and trans-media devices
  • Work on perception and listening, here and now – in relation to space, the other, the group, the devices (light, sound and image)
  • Design a device which creates manipulated realities

Project Stats